Surprise Dessert at Sushi Lunch!

So I was having a nice huge lunch at RuSan's in Alpharetta at the sushi bar, enjoying my food! After wrapping up and waiting for the check, I see one of the guys behind the bar hand over this awesomely sculpted creature made from an orange! My eyes lit up and my face was just beaming with laughter! I've never seen something so cute, with a tongue sticking out at me! I couldn't tell if it was a duck, a mouse or a pikachu!? Whatever it definitely made my day! :) And the orange was juicy sweet, domo arigato!

Petaled Pillow Puff

I saw this on JoAnn's project site the other day and thought it was precious! I really want to try to make one of these, especially in different colors! That would make any bedspread just pop with those soft shapes and puffy textures!

Draw what you cook!

I thought this was the cutest way to visually display recipes! Here's a link to that has more for you to check out! I hope to include some of these types of illustrations in my Sketchbook Project soon.

Wacky Contest Day!

I thought this would be a fun creative juice flowing day! Ever since I woke up today I knew I had some challenges to face...getting a new website up and pondering the future. I found this awesome site, that hosts really cool Flash sites for portfolios and such. And since I am low on cash, I'd figure I would bank in somehow with winning either a free site or freebie in their hourly contests celebrating their 7th birthday!

The first challenge was to take a picture of yourself with a 7 on your face written in lipstick. Submitted photos had to be 125 x 125 pixels. Prize: Free site + New pair of Nike's from!

My face is up on their blogpost, but not a winner! :(

My 2nd challenge has been to take a picture with 7 articles of clothing. Photo should be 500 px high. The prize is a FREE site, and a bose sound dock station! Please note, this is all improv, while I am at work during my lunch break...

Far from a Manic Monday!

Even through the sudden thunderstorm yesterday evening, I was able to catch up with my time at the studio. I have a few projects to get started on, but I want to begin my painting with a peaceful scene. I know it needs more work, this is just phase 1: blocking in color. I need to go buy some more oil paints!

My inspiration for this painting was from a photo I took on the train ride from Newburyport into Boston last week.

Lobstah Rolls in Bahston!

This picture does not say justice to the delectable sweet taste of the plump chunks of lobster in this Lobster Roll! I was in heaven when I took that first bite. This is just one of the many highlights from my most recent one week summer vacation with Matt's family.

We enjoyed watching the Red Sox win against the Rangers behind home plate! While in town, we also went to the Museum of Fine Art Boston, and hit up the North End for authentic Italian and gelato!

We got to relax at the beach at Plum Island, and the peaceful Lake Ossipee in New Hampshire. The best of both worlds. I couldn't ask for a better vacation!!


Hello folks! As you can see I've changed up my layout a bit on my blog to freshen up the site. I hope it gets you in a sprightly mood! I can't wait to post some fun stuff that's been going on, super soon!!